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How does my child learn best?

To teach your children with the greatest effect, it is worthwhile to determine the way in which they learn best.  “Learning Styles” are commonly defined as “a particular way in which a person processes in-coming information best.” 

They are categorized into three primary groups.  First is “Visual”, which is learning best by seeing the information to be learned.  Second category is “Auditory”, which is learning best by what a person hears AND speaks.  Third and final learning style is “Kinesthetic/Tactile”, which is learning best by touching, feeling and doing.  One of these 3 learning styles best fits YOUR child and, by the way, YOU, TOO!  (NOTE: Some children are a “blend” of styles and these styles are developmental.)

It is extremely important that parents determine the style of learning that best suits their student(s).  Indeed, we believe this is a main key to unlocking the door to learning that will be of great help to both student and parents.

As you know, in an institutional educational setting, (i.e. public schools), your child must conform to the teacher’s “teaching style”.  Therefore, the traditional classroom setting is, in the vast majority of cases, teacher-driven.  However, the homeschool is much more student-driven, thereby enabling your student to master areas of instruction that are, for them, in the best way, at the best time, thus achieving the best results.

We strongly encourage you to review our Profile of Learning Styles© assessment as a primary tool for you to utilize in evaluating and determining your student’s primary learning style.  This comprehensive assessment, which can be used by adults as well as youngsters beginning as early as ages 5-6, is easy to administer due to detailed instructions throughout.

As an added benefit, the Profile of Learning Styles© assessment will not only guide you in identifying the primary learning style of your student(s) but will also provide practical assistance in how to teach various subjects to various learning style students!  This element of our learning styles assessment is especially helpful because it equips parents to actually use the results they obtain in day-to-day, “real-world” circumstances.

Benefits of our “Profile of learning Styles© include:

·         The primary learning style of your student is determined without a doubt!

 ·         Key learning preferences including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile are evaluated.

·         Complete and comprehensive directions are provided for ease of understanding, administering, and scoring.

·         Detailed descriptions are presented for each learning style, which will assist parents in evaluating and selecting curriculum.

·         Teaching recommendations for each learning style are presented.

·         Can be very helpful for children with various learning difficulties.

·         May also be used by parents/teachers to determine THEIR primary LS so that they may learn how to best adapt their teaching methods to meet the needs of their students.

Our “Profile of Learning Styles©” is available for $24.95 (plus tax/s/h).

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