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Do you have a complete and thorough transcript of your student’s high school academic and non-academic accomplishments?


The L.A.M.B. Company High School Student Transcript© Program

As more homeschooled students move into the upper grades, a common question often asked of us by parents and students alike is "How does a homeschooled student get into college?" The answer is that, with only slight exception, homeschooled students get into college virtually the same way as any other student gets into college. Generally speaking, a college-bound student needs to be prepared to produce or undergo seven (7) items/conditions to gain entrance to the college(s) of their choice. They are:

  • Provide a High School Diploma (available from The L.A.M.B. Company®)
  • Provide a transcript of completed high school courses (available from The L.A.M.B. Company®)
  • The best SAT/SAT II or ACT score possible
  • An appropriate essay written entirely by the applying student
  • Provide one or more Letters of Recommendation
  • Participation in individual college entrance examinations
  • Preparation for a personal interview conducted by college personnel

Our easy-to-use software program is designed to assist the user in preparing the student transcript that will be required for college entrance. As we began to help more and more graduating seniors in their efforts to prepare for college, we quickly realized two things. First, there is currently no governmental "standard" for high school transcripts. They can be of many shapes, sizes and formats. Secondly, transcripts are certainly not very appealing to the eye and are often difficult to read and understand. In a word, they’re boring!

With The L.A.M.B. Company High School Student Transcript Program©, an entirely different approach is presented. You see, we view a student transcript as an "academic resumé", and, as with any resumé, it should be not only pleasing to look at but substantive in content, as well. Furthermore, a transcript should not require vast amounts of time to complete and it should provide the reader with much more than just a "snap-shot" picture of the student. We believe the final transcript you produce using The L.A.M.B. Company High School Student Transcript Program© will provide these benefits and will be of assistance in meeting your college entrance goals. Our new Version 2.0 is even easier to understand and use!

The L.A.M.B. Company High School Student Transcript© is unique in its' design and content. It consists of a minimum of seven (7) pages of information, presented as follows: Page 1: Student General Information Page; Page 2: Courses Summary Page (9th - 12th Grades); Pages 3 - 6: Detail of Grades 9 = 12 courses; Page 7: Extracurricular, Enrichment and Personal Activities Page. Our new Version 2.0 offers the opportunity to provide additional student information data (SAT/ACT), when appropriated, and provides more detailed instructions on how best to develop the transcript to result in a true academic resume' for YOUR student! Available in your choice of Floppy Disk or CD.

COST:  $24.95 (plus tax [Texas residents only] and p/s/h).  >>NEW!! You may now order this product via our On-line Catalog! Click here to order now via our On-line Catalog.



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