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In order to make intelligent decisions on what textbooks to recommend for your student, it is, obviously, necessary for us to have some way of determining what "level" of learning a student has achieved. We use one of two instruments for this purpose, and a description of each follows:

(for students in Grades K - 5)
The testing instrument we recommend that parents use with their younger children is the Academic Diagnostic Assessment, created especially for the homeschooling community. This is an outstanding testing instrument because it accurately assesses the students' true ability for each specific grade level, rather than simply comparing a student with millions of others nationwide. Furthermore, this Assessment enables parents to purchase and administer the test anytime of the year. Of great benefit is the fact that a grading-key is provided with each assessment, thus allowing parents to grade their student’s test immediately upon completion - no waiting for days or weeks to receive the assessment results. Another benefit is that our cost of only $50 per student (plus tax, shipping & handling) is extremely cost effective. This price includes the cost to review and evaluate your child's Assessment and to produce a written curriculum recommendation which is provided to parents. Contact us to order the Assessment that will be most appropriate for your student(s).

(for students in grades 6 - 8, and for High School level, 9 - 12)
Over years of designing curriculum for children educated at home, we developed a student evaluation that has proven to be highly reliable for us in tailoring curriculum to meet the academic needs of student(s) in the middle school to high school grade levels. Note that these are evaluations, not tests; therefore, your student(s) should not be fearful of, or intimidated in any way relative to answering the questions asked. Cost of the Middle School Level Evaluation is $50 as is the High School Level Evaluation (plus tax, shipping & handling).

Please understand that we do not want to make any assumptions concerning the existing level of achievement of your student(s)! Experience teaches us that even a student currently in an upper grade may not have mastered basic facts in areas such as Language, Spelling, and Math. Therefore, the questions posed in our evaluation are designed to inform both you and us of the understanding of basic facts achieved by your student(s). Parents, have your student(s) complete these questions without any academic assistance from you or anyone else. The entire evaluation can normally be completed in a very short period of time. Our review of this evaluation will enable us to customize a curriculum to meet the academic needs of your student.

VERY IMPORTANT!! For all High School students (9th - 12th grades), we must have a Transcript, PLUS our Evaluation, in order to design a curriculum. Our charge for this service is only $50 per student (plus tax, shipping & handling).  Call or email to order the appropriate Student Evaluation.

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