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Here are several questions we are frequently asked about and our responses. If you have a question about homeschooling that isn't addressed herein, send it to us and we'll try to post it for the benefit of everyone!

Question: My child cannot seem to master various academic skills that are being presented in public school. Is it true that homeschooled children are, in most instances, academically advanced beyond their public school counterparts?
Answer: Yes, it is true. The most recent evidence confirming this fact is in a study entitled "Home Education Across the United States". Dr. Brian D. Ray, President of the National Home Education Research Institute in Salem, Oregon conducted the primary research in concert with the Home School Legal Defense Association. This very exhaustive study leaves no doubt about the fact that the vast majority of homeschooled children excel academically, and in many other ways, as well.

Question: I'm more than just a bit uneasy about the decision to start homeschooling. Can you help me to determine what I need to do to make sure I'm doing everything I should be doing?
Answer: Absolutely. We are now starting our 20th year of teaching new homeschool parents how to be as successful as they can be at home educating their child(ren). We will help you develop a "roadmap" of how to get started and stay on track. We won't teach your child(ren) for you, but we will be available to help you make wise decisions all along the way.
Question: I have been told that you will also help me with matters such as student evaluations, recordkeeping, ID cards, transcripts, diplomas, graduation and getting into college or the military. No one with whom I've spoken has offered all these services. Why do you?
Answer: Without sounding haughty about it, we believe we're unique in several ways, one of which is that we work hard at serving our customers, helping them to be as successful at their homeschooling experience as possible. There are two primary reasons why. First, we truly have a heart for homeschooling. We honestly believe it is the right choice for many, many families. Take a look at the page on this web site entitled "Homeschooling Benefits." On that page is but a partial list of the many benefits of homeschooling over all other methods, public or private. We've experienced many of these benefits ourselves. Secondly, it makes good business sense. If we help you as much as possible this year, it is reasonable to believe that you will at least contact us next year when it comes time to acquire your curriculum...and, hopefully, the year after that, and the year after that, etc., etc., etc.
Question: You mentioned that The L.A.M.B. Company Customized Curriculum was unique in several ways in addition to customer service. What are some of the other areas that set you apart from some of the other companies I'm considering?
Answer: There certainly are quite a few ways in which we are unique from others. Here are but a few areas that we believe set us apart.

1. We can tailor our curriculum around the academic needs of your student. There is no "curriculum in a box -- 1 size fits all" with us. That approach to education doesn't work very well. In fact, it's part of the problem with "mass education". Everybody must do nearly everything in the same way as everyone else. We call this the "cookie-cutter kid" approach to curriculum design and it's purpose is to provide conformity and management of large numbers of students. Our approach is completely opposite to a curriculum around the academic needs of the student instead of trying to make the curriculum "fit" the student!

2. Many items in our curriculum are unique to The L.A.M.B. Company Customized Curriculum. Here is a sampling of just a few of them...

A. A component that teaches strong character qualities.

B. Readers for young children similar to the "Dick and Jane" readers of the 1940's & 1950's. However, we have a series of readers that are "old, but also new"! What we mean is that they are "old" in the sense that the readers in this series were actually published in the 1950's. THEY ARE NOT REPRINTS! However, they are "new" because they have never been used at all -- they are virtually brand new. Both parents and children love these full color, hardback, readers.
C. A Biblically based typewriter\keyboarding program.
D. A Study Skills program beginning in the 3rd grade.
E. Foreign language beginning in the 3rd grade.

3. We offer quick, inexpensive and accurate methods for determining where your student is academically. No waiting for weeks and weeks for results...and no "nationally-normed" results.

4. Our curriculum prices are very, very modest...we invite you to compare all that we offer to our customers to what others offer. We stand by our curriculum in terms of it's content, it's quality and it's price! We don't believe you will find another curriculum that offers all that we offer at anywhere near the low price we charge. Go ahead, check us out on this.

5. Lastly, we know our curriculum works! We know this because many, many of our customers tell us it is working for them, year after year. More importantly, we know it works because we have used it ourselves! As a result, a major part of our business philosophy is that we will not offer for sale to any of our customers a curriculum, or other product or service, that we would not use (or have not already used) ourselves.

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