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Here are a few quotes from our satisfied customers:

"I want to thank you very much for rushing the transcript software to me so that I could complete it for my son to give to the Marine recruiters on a timely basis. The process went smoothly and I was done in less than 2 hours. You two have been very kind and supportive during our homeschool experience and I can't thank you enough. May God Bless you and your family this Christmas and have a very Happy and Peaceful New Year!"

~ Sherry D. and son, Derrick

"I just wanted to thank you again for all of the time you took to answer my questions today on the phone. I know you must be very busy...and yet you did not rush me or act too busy to answer all of my inquiries. This was greatly appreciated. You also have me a lot to think terms of reassessing our current homeschooling methods. God bless."

~ Lisa C.

"It's been our pleasure to have dealt with Steve and Kathie Lunsford for the past 4 years. The Lunsfords provided us with knowledge, encouragement and instruction to deal with the day-to-day demands we faced, which lessened our apprehensions. Our son's education was built upon the solid foundation they so readily provided to us which made a world of difference. They have always been extremely courteous and helpful...and we are very grateful to the Lunsford's and the Lamb Company."

~ Art and Virginia R.

"I just wanted to write a note to tell you how much we've been blessed by the McGuffey Reader Workbooks that I purchased from your booth at the SETHSA convention in June! They are such a nice addition to our day and I'm pleased with the how much they increase my children's ability to read the Readers.  Also, I recently loaned out my L.A.M.B. Co. catalog to a friend who is out of town. Another friend called today wanting to know where to get these workbooks. I told her I'd check your website for a phone number.  However, for some reason, I was unable to access your site today, so I sent out a note to the Christian homeschool e-list I've joined. ALL DAY I've been receiving notes from your satisfied customers with your phone number(s), website, and e-mail address.  I just wanted you to know how many people appreciate all that you provide.  Thank you so much."

~ Rebecca I.

"We appreciate your support in our commitment. Your sacrifice has made it much less frightening for us."

~ Lynn and Randy D.

"You are such a blessing to us. Just knowing that you are there for us whenever we need you is so comforting."

~ Sarah and Arthur R.

"It is great to know that you are there anytime I need you. You have been a great help in giving advice on so many occasions."

~ Rita S.

"My friend and I bought several books from you at the local homeschool conference. We were really impressed by the attitude of your family as you had our best interest at heart."

~ Shirley S.

"Thank you also for all your concern and support through this past year. It is a good work that you are doing."

~ Judy S.

"After the orientation, I felt focused and capable of giving my children an excellent education."

~ Melissa L.

"I appreciate the service you are offering to homeschool parents. You’ve been a big help to me in my homeschool beginnings. Thank you for being prompt and courteous when returning my phone calls."

~ Stephanie M.

"Thank you for your time and effort in providing homeschoolers a choice in curriculum and the support that we need."

~ Bart S.

"Thank you for the great help you have been in our home schooling efforts. A few months after hearing you speak at a homeschool seminar, I saw Kathie again at a book fair and she very patiently listened to my needs, then designed a study plan that I can work with for the very different needs of my two sons. Thank you so much -- you have been an answer to prayer. God bless you both."

~ Brenda L.

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