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We believe that the need to customize, or tailor, a students' curriculum is extremely important because we understand that all students do not learn at the same pace and in the same way. In the mass (public) education system in America, lumping children together by chronological age is but one technique used so that large numbers of children (50 million+) can be managed; nevertheless, it is not a proper criteria on which to "design" curriculum.

We believe it is far better to determine the level of learning a student has achieved. Then, by using over 50 excellent publishers of academic material in developing our full Pre-K through 12th grades curriculum, coupled with the use of our Diagnostic Assessments or our Student Evaluation, we are able to be very accurate and precise in selecting material for each student.

The net result of using a customized curriculum is that it allows your student(s) to be challenged in those academic areas where he/she is accelerated... keeping them from becoming bored! On the other hand, for a student that has fallen behind in one or more subjects, a customized curriculum will enable them to "pick up" at the level where they stopped learning (at some point in the past) and move forward from that point...keeping them from experiencing more frustration!
What a novel idea!

Best of all, we find that the attitudes of both kinds of students described above often improves greatly because they are now either learning at a rate that keeps them challenged, or they have come to realize that they can, indeed, master academic skills that they did not think they could master or had been told they could not master. This has been a tremendous boost to their self-esteem, which has resulted in better attitudes. Would this be important for your student(s)?

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