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Answer Key,

Teacher Manual,  Study Guide,     and/or Test


Bible Bible Study Series (3 Booklets)  
Exploring Christian Literature
George Washington  


A Tale of Two Cities  
The Red Badge of Courage  
Heroes of the Faith Series
(Various Encouraging /Inspiring Titles)
Audiobook Classic Stories - "Les Miserables"  
Grammar Language Skills (4 books

 Includes AK

Mathematics Algebra I - Includes the complete Student Textbook and comprehensive Solutions Manual. DVD's of the Algebra I program are also available. Call for details.

Includes Solutions Manual

Science Fossils

Includes SG

History Streams of Civilization, Volume #1

$5.00 (TM)    
+ $4.00 (Test) 

Streams of Civilization Definitions  
Streams of Civilization Timeline  
Art Lamb's Book of Art #2
Foreign Language Spanish Primer (1st yr)

Includes Worksheets + AK  + CD  

Computer Science Computer Keyboarding/Typing Program

$12.00 (Vertical Workbook Stand)

Economics Honest Money  
Philosophy The Right Choice  


Teacher Resources Learning Styles Profile  
Lesson Planner  
Lesson Planning Guide  
Curriculum and Resource Guides  
Book Report Format Guide  
High School Transcript Program©  
2 Professionally prepared Homeschool Identification Cards  (1 Teacher + 1 Student)  
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