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Ok, folks, now here's a question for you: "Are children born with character?"  The answer, we think you will agree is: "Of course not."  Character must be taught to children just like they need to be taught how to read, to write, to spell, how to do math, and how to think!  Teaching our children and developing character in them should be one of our primary goals throughout the homeschooling experience.

The primary way many of us teach character is by example.  That, of course, is extremely important.  However, it is also important to reinforce our examples and we offer a very unique program that allows our customers to do just that!

Our Character Billders® series is available as a part of our Pre-K through 4th grade curricula and concentrates on 4 major character qualities — Helpfulness, Honesty, Perseverance, and Self-control.  Each Character Billder unit comes with a full 4-color, hardbound story and workbook, plus an audio CD.  The first half of the story and workbook contains the written story teaching the character quality selected.  The second half of the story and workbook contains a wide variety of activities for your student to complete, including songs and lyrics that have been written to keep the attention of young listeners.

How exciting it is for a child to be exposed to such an interesting combination of information!  This is a very exciting component of our curriculum.

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