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If you are interested in knowing some of the "real life" benefits that can be achieved through homeschooling, take a look at this partial list:

  • Highest quality education with superior academic results
  • Parent/child bonding opportunities much greater
  • Much safer conditions for learning
  • More time for learning in non-academic areas (music, sports, business, friendships)
  • Greater flexibility in teaching methods
  • More disciplined environment
  • Accelerated student participation in their own education process
  • Greater flexibility in curriculum selection
  • Greater flexibility in time allocated for teaching
  • Increase in travel opportunities
  • Flexible teaching schedule for families that must frequently move due to job requirements
  • Enhanced socialization opportunities
  • Wider ranges of learning curves
  • Higher level of academic material
  • Excellent training of older children through teaching of younger children
  • Develops responsibility and increases trust in the student
  • Academic accomplishments aid in increasing students self image
  • Can incorporate a faith building agenda
  • Deeper learning of specific subjects, as needed/desired
  • Students (our children/grand-children) are precious to us, not "a number"
  • Very low teacher to student ratio (1 to the # of children being homeschooled)
  • Opportunity for parental involvement via support groups
  • Can truly recycle textbooks & other teaching materials via use by other family members or by sale at used book fairs or by donating them to a support group library
  • Homeschooling is PORTABLE!
  • Input from other homeschooled students is more positive than negative
  • Better LUNCHES!
  • More conducive to developing a true "love for learning"
  • And, yes...students (and teachers) CAN school in their PJ's!

Thank you very much for your time and interest and may God richly bless your family, and especially your homeschooling efforts, in the days ahead.


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